Surface and Interface Engineering Laboratory (SIEL)

School of Engineering Sciences and Technology, University of Hyderabad

SIEL's goal is to develop novel surfaces and interfaces (in the form of thin films and nanomaterials) using easier methodologies for a variety of applications. Our research includes intricate understanding of the properties of surfaces and interfaces and their viability for applications.

At present SIEL is involved in the development of diamond & Si-B-C-N thin films, carbon nanomaterials (tubes, bells, pipes, fibers, coils, graphene etc.,) and their composites, and nano sized metal and metal oxides.

SIEL's motive is to use the above mentioned materials in energy conversion (DSSC and OPV solar cells), energy storage (anode materials in Li ion batteries, H2 storage, working electrodes in supercapacitors, electrocatalysts in fuel cells etc.,), mechanical, electrical, gas sensing, bio-related (bio-sensing, bio-technological, plasmid purification, drug delivery, agro-chemicals etc.,) etc., applications.

SIEL is also interested in fabrication of small scale devices encompassing the above mentioned applications.